As the nights are drawing in, the leaves are starting to fall and the air is feeling cooler, it’s time to start settling in for the Autumn/Winter hibernation. This time of year has always been my favourites, I love the colours and being at home all snug and warm.

Of course this is the time of year that I start to think about Christmas, and my favourite thing is to decorate the house. I know some love the whole ‘an elf sneezed’ look but for me it has to be traditional. Lots of reds, greens and golds and nice natural pieces. This is my lounge from last year and I’m looking forward to adding lots of our Chunkycouture goodies to it this year! 
Sadly, as most of us, those grumpy men won’t let me start decorating the house until at least November so for now I have to make do with other ways of dressing the house for Autumn. Of course this year we have released our own version of pumpkins. I first saw the fabric ones on Instagram and instantly fell in love so of course bought a few. And then the idea of a chunky pumpkin came to me and voila they were born! 
So now I have my pumpkins I also wanted to bring some of the outside in so I popped out and picked some beautiful hydrangea heads which I have to say may we’ll be the next peony craze! They’re just so beautiful. 
I do have an alterior motive for the hydrangeas though, we have used them to create some beautiful Christmas wreaths and table centrepieces. I’ve used a mix of faux and real flowers for these and am so pleased with how they’ve turned out! 
I’ll be totally honest and say I’m completely excited for Christmas and it’s most definitely my favourite time of year! And I hope you all love our Christmas collection.
Philippa 💋