Copyright ©

You will notice as you scroll through our website that a number of products have the copyright © symbol next to them. This is because these products have been created solely by ChunkyCouture. When a person makes something themselves they put hours and hours of work into making that thing and then testing it and tweaking it. We always look around to see if an idea we’ve had has already been made and if it has then we won’t carry on with that idea. 

It is sole destroying when you’ve put so much time, money and energy into creating something to then find that 6 months later someone has copied it! This is why we have copyrighted our company name and all of our unique products. Each one is covered under intellectual property law and therefore we have the right to send cease and desist letters to anyone who is found to be infringing on our copyright and to take legal proceedings if that is then ignored.


Its very easy to see something and think “I could make that” , however by doing that you are stealing someone’s idea. I would instead encourage you to think outside the box and think of a new and creative idea of your own.


Thank you,

Philippa xxx