Discounts and BLACKFRIDAY


Have you ever saved up for something you really want, bought it and then found it in a sale the next week? I have and that’s why at ChunkyCouture we never offer discounts. All of our products are handmade from start to finish so we don’t hold a mass of stock that we need to sell on quickly. We believe in charging fair prices all the time and that’s what we do. 
Our prices include the cost of materials, the time it takes us to make them and any extras such as tissue paper and packaging boxes. So much time and love goes into small businesses and we don’t have a huge team of people behind us so we often end up working till late at night and during the weekends. We adore what we do and take pride in it and I hope that comes across in your experience with us.



A huge amount of pressure is placed on businesses each and every year to bring out a BLACKFRIDAY discount sometimes meaning that small businesses, who at the busiest period of the year, end up selling products that have little to no profit in. 

Here at ChunkyCouture we came up with a different way of doing things! Each BLACKFRIDAY weekend we bring out an exclusive collection which isn’t already on our website, we have stock of these products so once they’re gone, they’re gone. They’re only available from the start of BLACKFRIDAY through to midnight on the Sunday of that weekend. Each year we work hard to come up with this exclusive collection for you and it always seems to be very popular! 

As always we hugely appreciate your orders and support of ChunkyCouture, it is our passion and we love that you see that too.

Philippa xxx