About ChunkyCouture

 Hi and welcome to Chunkycouture, my name is Philippa and I’m the creator of all things chunky!

I live in the beautiful countryside in Wales, my home is set by the river in a small Welsh town and a lot of my inspiration comes from where I live. My studio looks out onto the river and our woodlands and is a real place of refuge for me. I love to knit and even when I'm not knitting for the business I'm knitting for myself!

I started Chunkycouture in March 2018. It came about following the loss of my mum, she taught me to knit and I always used it whenever I felt stressed. So when I discovered chunky wool I knew it was a great way to ease my mind and start a business that she would not only of been proud of but also have loved!

ChunkyCouture has evolved hugely since we opened and I've personally been amazed at the love and support we have received.

If you ever ever have any questions then please do send us a message and we’d love to chat!

Philippa xxx