Caring for your ChunkyCouture

All of the items available from ChunkyCouture are knitted or made in 100% merino wool. Merino wool has amazing qualities and feels super soft. 

The type of wool we use is un spun, this is why it is so thick. However that does mean that it is at it's rawest. Over time you may notice that your blanket or cushion starts to bobble, this is perfectly normal and is not a defect at all, in fact its a good thing as it means the fibres are starting to join themselves together. However its not the look you want right? Removing it is really simple, you can either snip it away with some sharp scissors or (and this is the way I do it) you can use a new razor, then shave it like you would shave your legs, so go in the direction of the wool and gently pull the razor in one direction.

All of our Chunky products are spot clean only so if you happen to get a mark on it then you can simply wipe away with a damp cloth but please don't rub as this will cause damage to the fibres. 

If you've ever knitted before then you will know that you always end up with at least two tail ends which need sewing in. This is basically the begging and end of your wool. The same applies with our chunky knits. If I was to cut these ends then your whole blanket would come undone, and lets be honest, that would not be good! So to avoid this the ends are simply tucked under the back of the stitches. Very occasionally (I've actually only had it happen with one blanket out of the hundreds I've made!) this end piece can escape and come out, now if this happens, don't panic! It does not mean your whole blanket is about to unravel! It cannot unravel because it is attached to a knot which will not come undone, I promise! All you need to do is simply tuck it back into one or two of the stitches at the back of your blanket, and it’s all back to normal.