The lights we use are all brand new and put on your heart/star whilst switched on. This makes sure they’re working and also to make sure they’re placed correctly. 

During posting, sometimes they can slip under the wool. You can easily move them so they’re exposed again. 

I cannot give any guarantees as to how long the batteries will last as it depends how long you leave them switched on for. I would recommend switching them off at night when you go to bed. Replacement batteries can be bought here in our homeware and gift collection.

To change your batteries they need to go in a certain way. Please make sure you only remove the screws from the bottom, where the curve is (as in the picture) . 

The batteries need to go in a particular order, please see the picture below for how they go in.

If you have opened the battery pack by taking all 4 screws out then part of it may have come out. See picture below.


This is easy to put back in by sliding it back down the side. See picture below.